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Cancer is hard. But we are
here for you.
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Treatment is over. We will help you
move forward.
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Family & Friends

We help friends and family, too.
Feel better today.
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Help patients feel better today.
Community, tools, clinical help.
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You had a formula for fighting cancer, but no one prepared you for life after it. Now, you can move forward with us.

Our community will provide you with the support you need, not just in conversation, but with interactive tools and a clinically-proven Core Program that will help you feel better. Reimagine your life beyond cancer.

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We are your Home

Reimagine is a robust collection of resources,
community and more.

The Community

A place for everyone touched by cancer, with people just like you. Expert moderators to help you find your way.

Proven Tools

With just five minutes, you can feel better with clinically-proven exercises that relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and clear your mind.

The Core Program

Live, in-person, programs with experts trained to help you move forward to a life beyond your cancer.

Everyone is Unique

But no matter who you are, Reimagine can help.
Susan G. Komen Women's Cancer Research Fund Livestrong Foundation Duke Medicine Association of <br>Oncology Social Work

Reimagine is More

Reimagine isn't just one thing. Look around
& find your favorite.

We are here Together

Fellow patients, survivors, experts, friends and family, and providers. Here, you are safe. Here, you are supported. Here is an opportunity to reimagine your life.

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