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If you are struggling with a chronic or life-threatening illness or dealing with a non-health related challenge that has you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or out of control, there are skills and strategies you can learn to regain a sense of control amidst the chaos and start feeling like yourself again.

Our Core Program is proven in multiple studies with researchers from Duke Health to help people overcome the distress, anxiety, depression, and even fatigue that accompany life-threatening and chronic medical conditions. But it’s not about any particular illness, it’s about resiliency. The skills we teach will help you use whatever is upsetting you to find new ways of responding to stress and taking care of yourself. If you’re ready to feel better, we can help.

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Our Core Program

The Core Program consists of 10 online modules with videos, activities, and live sessions for $14.99/month.  You can do it on your own time at your own pace from the comfort of home. It's easy, anonymous, affordable and proven to help you feel better - in the midst of a crisis and beyond.

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Dr. Lyerly - Duke Cancer Institute


"There is a real power in knowing how to heal and in having the tools to feel better…"

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