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A cancer diagnosis brings feelings of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Our classes teach skills that are proven to help for a lifetime.

Here's how it works:

Our online course teaches a proven set of skills for thriving during and after cancer.

Proven Curriculum

Our classes have been refined after years of published research at Duke, and we have the support from world class institutions like the Livestrong Foundation to prove it.

Live Online Classes

All our classes are conveniently taught online, with a LIVE trained instructor

Lifelong Skills

We teach a unique and powerful process - proven to help you feel significantly better.

World-Class Instructors

The passion of our instructors brings our powerful curriculum to life.


The university is the heart of Reimagine. It is home to all our classes, beginning with our Basic Training course.

Special Courses

Leaving a Legacy
For those preparing for end-of-life

Grief & Honor
For those who have lost a loved one

Basic Training

Our core 9-class Basic Training is the only live, online program that is proven to teach the skills to feel better. Graduates of Basic Training show improved quality of life from anxiety to depression and PTSD.

Advanced Courses

For those who want to go deeper with Basic Training... And for those times when new stressors come up.

Try it for free: Take a complimentary LIVE introductory class

We have a short, free introduction that gives you a taste of Basic Training. You'll come away with concrete skills to feel better immediately

  • Interact with a live instructor and see why we don't use recordings
  • Experience an interactive classroom and see how connected you can feel online
  • Experience a couple of tools from our curriculum and start to feel better immediately
  • Get all your questions answered and decide if our full course is right for you


Information and inspiration for thriving in the face of adversity.

Don't just take our word for it.

We work with the most trusted names in cancer care. Here's what some of our partners and participants have to say:

Denise R.

"I'm so thankful for this program and look forward to spreading the word to help others. It changed my life forever, giving me the tools I need to grow and heal."

Amanda C.

"Reimagine not only helps with the effects of cancer, but in helping cope with so many other aspects of your life."

Gloria C.

"This course helped me regain who I was - the happy go-lucky person I use to be. I was down in the dumps and this course helped me become optimistic & hopeful again. "

Christine F.

"Thank you for these Pillars of Strength to approach each day with the tools I need to live my best life."

Featured Success Stories

"When I first started Reimagine, the Pillars program, I was
pretty much in a downward spiral.

It was incredible to see, in the beginning, how negative
I was and in this very lonely place, and how much I grew. It's
been an incredible journey from where I began to where I ended."

Isaac Stephens

Do you want to Feel Better Now?

The skills you'll learn in our classes are life changing. What are you waiting for?

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